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WordPress Plugins Development

We’re the experts, so we realise exactly how powerful WordPress can be when it’s used properly. Many of our clients don’t realise just how effective WordPress is at delivering e-commerce and third-party API’s, as well as at solving other problems. The plug-ins we’ve built which are detailed below demonstrate just how powerful WordPress can be.

Responsive Slick Slider WordPress

The WordPress Slick Slider creates a stunning visual impact for your website. All it requires is a short piece of code in the widget area of the site and then you can utilise the simplicity of a page or post editor. Images and videos can be added as slides, complete with a caption and description text if need be. Flexibility allows for the details to be altered for responsive viewing and options such as auto play and hide slide are easily managed.

WP Responsive Media Gallery

This plugin allows users to create a responsive gallery for their site. They can add images or videos, utilising the full range of popular formats. They can also add descriptive text quickly and easily and re-order images using drag and drop. It is also possible to change the view of the gallery between standard and masonry, as well as adding border and hover colours. In summary, this plug in puts you in complete control of the use of images on your WordPress site.

WP Responsive Holiday Event Calendar

A plug in which makes it simple for users to manage the calendar feature on a website. Using this tool it’s easy to add a holiday or event to the calendar, as well as setting options such as the colour of the text and background. You can also customise the view, choosing from options such as list hover, grid and standard calendar.

Advanced Contact form 7 DB

A plugin which makes it easy to manage the details gathered by the contact forms on your site. It creates a database which is easily managed through a WordPress interface. Users can view all of the information on a selected form or filter data via selected keywords or a specific date range. Data can also be imported or exported in a CSV file.
Advanced CF7 DB

All In One Redirection

The all in one redirection plugin is open sourced and free, and makes it simple for a page request to be redirected from one page to another. It can provide both permanent (301) and temporary (302) redirections, and is particularly useful for redirecting the old url of a website to the new url. The fact that It will also change the requested url structure based on host and www setting in admin makes it simpler to utilise and administrate and it also provides a 404 page list including access date, referrer url and IP address.

WP Map Route Planner

Uses Google maps integration to allow users to draw custom routes and generate a collection of those routes, complete with trails and points of interest, on their WordPress site. It also integrates with WooCommerce orders. This means that users can utilise the geocoding functionality of the plugin to pin orders to the map. A route can therefore be planned which includes all orders and makes successful delivery much more likely.

WP Locator

This plug in allows the site administrator to access a simple location management system and customise the appearance of any map.

It is the ideal solution if the site needs a location search for any post type. It works smoothly because it allows the user to select existing custom fields as the data source for the geocoding.

WP Locator

Booking Appointment

Booking Appointment

Customise your site with its own booking appointment system and make it easy to manage all your appointments. The plug in works in a flexible and intuitive manner and offers multiple locations, services and email notifications.

WP Users

WP Users provides allows the creation of user Login/Register/Forgot Password/My Account/Change Password/Email Templates/My Detail. Once the plugin has been activated, the user will have easy access in front and the administrator can set mail templates for user notification. Login and Registration is possible using only short codes.

WooCommerce Product Search

If WooCommerce is installed and activated on the site then the Product Search extension can also be added. It offers auto-complete search functionality on products, enabling Product Image, Name, Description and Stock details. The search function is based upon the product name, the stock details and the description.

Simple Image Boxes

This is a plugin which enables the easy creation of a box style layout. Working in the back office, the administrator can access a screen and add the Title, Image and Link. A short code is created and placing this short code means that all of the data included is added to the WordPress site.

CF7 Invisible reCAPTCHA

If the CF7 Contact form plugin has been installed and activated, then the Invisible reCAPTCHA extension can be added. Using this, the site administrator can add the site key, which is generated from Google reCAPTCHA. This validates the fields of the contact form, and allows the user to validate the fact that they are humans and not robots.

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