Power of two – WooCommerce and WordPress
WordPress and WooCommerce Combined and Working Together.
WooCommerce is by far the most popular free eCommerce plugin. It is packed with the kind of features which make life so much easier for all sizes of online merchants, and can be flawlessly integrated with any self-hosted WordPress site.

WooCommerce Development

Here at websiteXpress we’ve spent more than a decade designing websites and working with the unbeatable combination of WordPress and WooCommerce

Utilising the power and simplicity of the WordPress content management system, WooCommerce makes it easy for any user to manage a fully developed online shop using the simple functionality of the existing WordPress base. Product and category management is made easy. Perhaps most important of all, WooCommerce integrates with payment platforms such as PayPal, making it easy for customers to spend money with you online.

Get the best from WooCommerce

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, WooCommerce can help to make it happen. It doesn’t matter whether your product is physical or digital, whether it has to be downloaded or shipped and whether it’s big or small – WooCommerce provides the perfect link between you and your customers.

Powered by WordPress so you’ll know exactly how it works


Flexible provision which works in a simple but completely professional manner


Allows your branding to extend through all parts of your store


Includes the latest advanced shopping features


Works extremely well with Search Engine Optimisation

WooCommerce Store Features
Currency & Geographic Locations Range

Works smoothly across a range of currencies and geographical territories

Promotional Discounts & Tools

Promotional Tools and discounts can be added

Security Support

Can be scaled up without compromising security

Shipping Fee Calculation

Option to calculate shipping fees

Payment Option Support

Supports the majority of payment options

Invoice & Shipping Details Integration

Integrates with factors such as invoicing and shipping details

Previous History Reorder

Can use previous order history to reorder

Modular Design

Designed in a modular fashion which can be utilised to work with complex or more straightforward requirements

Reporting & Analysis

Makes it simple to gather reports and useful analytics

Multilingual Website Support

Allows global traders to work across multiple sites and with multiple languages

Personal Shopper Experience

Customers can access and utilise personal shopper experiences

Easy Search Option

Search options which include catalogue attributes and category filters

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