Become an Agent
Become an Agent
Refer business to us and earn cash
Become a Reseller
Become a reseller
Whitelabel Web Development & Outsourcing services

Become an Agent

Becoming an Agent means that you will be an independent website reseller for WebsiteXpress.

The beauty of becoming an Agent with WebsiteXpress is that there is no overhead, no upfront investment and no prior experience required. Agents simply connect with businesses and friends in their communities through their personal networks. The ideal contact could potentially have a need for a new website. Whether you are looking to start a new business chapter or offer referrals to your current clients, WebsiteXpress is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your clients/contacts needs and achieve extra income.

This is how it works—refer your customer to us and you’ll receive 10-20% back on the total project billings. Simply bring your client to us (call, email or visit), we complete the project and on the final billing we will cut you a cheque for your portion.

Visit our FAQ section for more information and get in touch soon to start earning extra income.

Earn cash by referring business to us.
Become an independent website reseller.
Make 10% to 25% on every successful referral*
No overheads, no upfront investment & no prior experience required
Simply connect with businesses in your contacts or your community
*10 to 25% on first year of revenue with the customer paid on monthly basis.


How much will I make?

Based on the size of the project you will make anywhere between 10-20% of the total project billings. For more information please contact us

How will I get paid?

Your payments will be sent to you via cheque once the referred client has paid in full. If your initial commission is below $40 we will hold your funds until you reach above $40. Once you reach the $40 commission point we will issue your cheque for payment.

Who is billed for the project, the Agent or the referred business?

Since you are an Agent we will directly bill the referred business to make this as seamless as possible. Once we have received final payment from the referred business we will issue your cheque for payment.

How can I sell, promote or spread the word?

Simply connect with business in your area and community through your personal network and by utilizing social media. For more information and tips please feel free to contact us.

Who Should I sell to?

WebsiteXpress is focused on helping the service industry create an online presence. We offer unlimited solutions for almost any service provider.

How do I make the referral to WebsiteXpress?

It’s simple, there are 2 ways you can refer business to us and start earning cash today: complete our online form located here, or contact us.

Become a Reseller

Do you have the opportunity to sell online services?
WebsiteXpress offers white labeling for easy and affordable outsourcing services. We are a flexible partner who will allow you to provide services under your own identity. All our services are confidential for our Reseller partners and we undertake confidentiality agreements. Our ultimate goal is to build long lasting relationships with our Reseller partners as we believe this is the foundation of any successful business.
Become a Reseller
Web Design and Software Development Agencies
Existing web design and software development companies can benefit by partnering with us. We can help to dramatically reduce your development times for custom applications, content managed Websites & Ecommerce projects. You get access to our creative design team and highly skilled development resources.
Design Agencies
If you are a traditional or a new media design agency, we can help convert your designs into sophisticated and interactive websites and mobile apps. Our solutions – content management, ecommerce and bespoke app development – are all geared to follow your creative branding vision for your client.
Marketing Consultants & Agencies
If you are a Marketing and PR company you have an opportunity to sell our online marketing services under your brand. You can offer proven search engine marketing services ranging from organic rankings, pay per clicks, social marketing, email campaigns, viral marketing to your clients.
Project Managers, IT Support Companies, Management Consultants
You can add complimentary services to your portfolio that are beyond your existing capabilities and skill sets. You can earn referral fees by introducing our services and solutions to your existing customer base.
WebsiteXpress white labeling can be an excellent solution to grow your business as there is no added overhead cost. This means you can grow your business with minimal risk. The Ideal candidates for our white labeling services are: graphic designers, web designers, project managers, design agencies, marketing/advertising agencies, marketing/business consultants, IT support companies, and software development agencies. Read through our FAQ section to better understand what we have to offer and don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to chatting!
White labeling services from WebsiteXpress:
Websites (design and development)
Mobile apps (design and development)
Online marketing solutions (display ads, PPC, SEM, SEO)
Social marketing


How do I become a Reseller for WebsiteXpress?

If you have a client that has a need for online services but cannot support the build internally, WebsiteXpress can be the extension of your team. If you are interested in becoming a Reseller please contact us to set up a meeting.

What type of discount will I be provided?

Based on the size of the project you will receive a discount anywhere between 15-25% of the total project billings. Since you will be servicing your client you can choose what to invoice them. We typically see anywhere from 15-100% increase in rates for the time spent project and client managing.For more information please contact us.

How does the billing process work?

We will bill you, the reseller directly, you invoice the end client yourself. We are flexible and can develop custom billing procedures based on your needs. For more information please contact us.

Who is the ideal candidate to become a Reseller?

Graphic designers, web designers, project managers, design agencies, marketing/advertising agencies, marketing/business consultants, IT support companies, and software development agencies. These are just a few of the many ideal candidates. If you are interested in becoming a reseller please contact us.

How can I ensure your services will be confidential?

We take the confidentiality of your client very seriously, that’s why we undertake non-disclosure agreements. All services provided to your client will be done so under your brand/identity.

Do you have a billing minimum for website projects?

We believe in being as flexible as possible and that is why we do not have any minimums for our projects.

Why is white labeling a good solution for my business?

Our services are flexible with no upfront costs adding to your overhead, no obligations and no contracts. Offering web based solutions to your clients doesn’t get any easier than this.




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