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The Convenience of Pill Manager

Pill Manager is a new app with the potential to revolutionise the way in which your pharmacy handles medicine management and prescription reordering.
The Convenience of Pill Manager

Advanced Technology To Support Your
Independent Pharmacy

A genuine breakthrough in the field of managing medicine, the app, in mobile and desktop versions, does two things extremely well. It makes it easy for patients to monitor their prescriptions and medication, and it puts the pharmacy in a much stronger position to be able to meet customer needs as and when they arise.
Advanced technology to support your independent Pharmacy!

Medication Management Made Simple –
Anywhere and Any Time

Pill Manager is the first fully integrated prescription system of its kind. The flexibility and convenience it offers is underlined by the fact that it works just as well on iOS and Android devices as it does on desktop. By making it so simple to set reminders and schedule medication, Pill Manager will ensure that no patient ever misses a dose, whilst easy access to a comprehensive and fully updated medication history will prove hugely advantageous for health careers. With Pill Manager in place, no patient should ever face the crisis of running out of medication

Patient Management Made Easy

Your pharmacy can take advantage of Patient Manager in two ways. It will allow you to manage your customers’ needs in an accessible and efficient manner, and the result of this improved management will be more business for your pharmacy. The system allows pharmacies to utilise their own branding and logo within their customers’ apps, whilst also allowing marketing direct to smartphones and other mobile devices.

The restructuring of prescription provision allowed by Patient Manager will allow your pharmacy to increase the volume of prescriptions handled. The innovative nature of the app will also ensure 100% accuracy, whilst reducing delivery and collection costs.

Prescription Management Made Easy

The Patient Manager platform includes a Prescription Requests Manager which, once installed, proves intuitive and simple to utilise. Once your pharmacy is registered with the system, requests for prescriptions automatically appear on the desktop, removing the usual time consuming need to search order lists or emails. Communication is enhanced by the ability to send notifications to the customers which will then appear directly on their mobile devices or the dashboard of their Pill Manager website.

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