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Estate Agent Website Features

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Responsive Designs

More people than ever before use mobile devices to search the web. The sites we create work equally well on tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Responsive Designs

Properties Listing & Detail

Highly detailed listings of properties which provide clients with the maximum information in accessible formats. Today everyone want as much information regarding the property as possible.


Image Galleries

Let your pictures tell the story. The website we build will enable you to upload multiple high quality images of the properties you’re dealing with, appealing to visitors in a way which mere descriptions could never match.

Image Galleries

Easy to Use Property Management CMS

We know you want to be able to include the details of your latest properties. That’s why every one of our sites includes an easy to use and secure CMS which is flexible enough to meet all your needs.

Calculate Stamp Duty

Facts and figures at the fingertips of people who use your site


Latest Properties

Display Latest properties available with you Latest Properties


Locate Properties

Let clients find the property they’re looking for


Property Valuation

Find out how much a property is worth quickly and simply


Property Features Grid

An interactive slideshow for every property will showcase its’ images to the very best effect.

Easy to Use Property Management CMS

Social Media Integration

Word of mouth recommendations are still a massively powerful marketing force, even if they now take place via social media. We’ll create a social media marketing plan which makes the most of this opportunity. Recommendations are important as more people are seeking the opinions of others before making cash decisions. Be sure to leverage this with your social media marketing.

Share Properties on Social Network

Use the power of social media to share your content with the people who matter – your customers and prospective customers. Whether it’s a blog post, some property advice or a new listing, you can reach out to members of the public via the platforms which they’re already using. Not only will this encourage interaction, it will also enhance your branding.

Display Properties on interactive Google Map

We use Google or other leading mapping APIs to create interactive maps which your customers can use to put the properties in a local context.
Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Calculator will allow client to find out exactly what is the mortgage


Client Testimonials

Use the power of positive word of mouth


Floor Plans

The information customers are looking for includes floor plans, so we make sure they’ll be present on your site. Easy to find and simple to use, these floorplans will help every visitor to visualize the properties you’re offering.

  • A Meet the Team page Foster a relationship with clients by introducing your team
  • Related Property Display properties related to the search done by a visitor
  • Book an appointment Make it easy for clients to arrange to view properties
  • Services Offered Detail everything you can do. Display all your services

Capture Data

The site we create will gather vital data on the people who visit, an we’ll offer advice on how to leverage the power of that data.

Floor Plans

Search by Location

Our radius search option allows visitors to undertake simple searches using a map of the area they’re interested in.
Search by Location

Advanced Property Search

Experience shows that most people visiting your site make use of the Property Search before any other feature. For that reason we ensure that the relevant call to action is prominently displayed and easy to access on the homepage of your site.
Live Chat Integration

Live Chat Integration

We create the systems needed for your team to be able to communicate with customers in real time, enhancing your service and creating a connection.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Utilize the power of marketing

Image Slideshow

Image Slideshow

An interactive slideshow of every property’s images will present them in the best possible light.



Let your clients know the latest news

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Data used to drive business and hone your offer



Answer questions before clients even ask them

Google Business Listings Setup

Google Business Listings Setup

Get seen by the people you need to reach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

See your site rise up the search engine rankings

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