This is Why Your Local Pharmacy Needs a Website

12 Jun 2017 0 Comments
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If you’re a small, local pharmacist then having your own website is a necessity and not an option. When a prospective customer needs to find a pharmacist the first thing they’ll do is search online, often whilst actually out and about. If you don’t have a site for them to find then you’re missing out on connecting with customers, spreading your brand and pulling in more business. This blog lists just a few of the reasons why effective pharmacy website design is so essential to your business:

Global Reach

As a smaller pharmacist your market would traditionally have been limited to the immediate vicinity surrounding you. The right pharmacy web design, on the other hand, will take your brand and place it in front of prospective customers in all corners of the globe. Not only will your website make it easier for existing customers to access your services, but it will present you to people who would otherwise never have been aware of your existence. More and more consumer activity is shifting to the online realm, for reasons of convenience and value, and there’s no reason why pharmacies shouldn’t join this move.

Lines of Communication

Online pharmacy website design is about much more than simply placing a virtual showroom online. By combining the website with clever use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you’ll be able to open up two way lines of communication between your business and customers. Creating content which is informative and useful will turn your pharmacy website into a ‘go to’ destination when customers are seeking advice or information, and the right web design will help to turn many of those visitors into paying customers.

An Online Showcase

One of the key drivers of any modern business is strong branding, and effective online pharmacy website design will allow you to run that branding through every part of the site. The key to such branding will be creating a sense of professionalism and trust, two of the most vital aspects of any pharmacy service. By working to a bespoke design rather than using off the peg solutions, your pharmacy will be able to cut through in a way which many of your competitors simply won’t be able to match.


The best websites for pharmacies are those which offer the highest levels of convenience, for both you and your customers. The websites we design for pharmacies allow your customers to make orders, record that order, take payment for the medication and schedule either a delivery or a date and time for the customer to collect. The records created will also allow you to remain fully up to date with customers medication needs, and the use of automatic reminders will ensure that customers never forget a prescription.


By creating apps which work alongside your website you’ll achieve two aims; you’ll offer convenience for your customers and you’ll create an extremely strong marketing platform. By offering apps which are useful – allowing users to make orders, set reminders, request appointments etc. – you’re pharmacy will become embedded on the devices of your patients. This opens a ‘doorway’ through which you can promote your brand, target adverts to specific groups and promote the content of your site as a source of help and advice. If your app means that your pharmacy is the first port of call for any patient who has a question about medication or illness, it is also likely to be the first place they think of when it comes to placing a prescription or making a purchase.

Always Available

When dealing solely with a bricks and mortar, High Street presence, the time you can spend helping your customers and bringing in business is always going to be limited by the hours you can open. An online presence, on the other hand, can serve your customers seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Strong content will mean that you are always on hand to offer advice to your customers, while an online ordering system allows your pharmacy to fit in with the busy lives of modern customers.

Why WebsitExpress?

If this sounds like the kind of online presence your pharmacy is crying out for, then contact us today and we’ll run through the range of fantastic packages we offer. You don’t have to take our word for how good we are, take a look through our portfolio and see the fantastic work we’ve done for other pharmacies. Then let our team of expert designers and engineers do the same for you.

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