What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most powerful web publishing software available today. An open source content management system (CMS) built on PHP and MySQL. It can be used to create any type and style of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is an intuitive, web-based publishing tool that allows you to organize your website content. Your WordPress website CMS is equipped with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor with simple user interface that allows you (even if you don’t possess any technical expertise) to organize your website content without relying on a web developer, making it simple and easy to update any information on your website without any hassle and the beauty is you don’t break anything that can’t be fixed while you experiment – so don’t feel shy next time when you start managing your website text, photos, videos, audios, or maps through your website CMS.

Not to mention, you are entitled to get a complimentary CMS training when you buy any plan from us. This allows you to independently use your CMS-based website more efficiently and effectively even months after its launch.

What is your refund policy?

At websiteXpress, we do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your website and our services, but we know that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. To give you an extra peace of mind we offer 30-day full refund policy from the date of your purchase – no questions asked. Write to us within 30-days from your date of purchase to get your full money back.

Do you sell / offer domains?

Yes we can certainly buy the domains on your behalf. However, your domain name is your business asset and as a best practice, we recommend a business to choose and buy a domain from a well-known and a reputable domain name registrar company directly. Our team is always at your service in helping you identify suitable domain name for your business, registration of either .com or any generic (.org, .net, etc.) or country-code (.co.uk, .ca, .es, .ae, etc.) top-level domain names and the configuration of the domain to work with your website and emails.

What if I already own a domain name and want to convert it into my new website URL/web address?

That’s good. The process of launching your new website on your domain is simple – just buy any of our plans here and we will help you transfer your domain to your new WordPress based CMS website without any additional domain cost.

Do you offer email account hosting?

We assist you in setting up your email account ending with your domain like email@yourdomain.com. We recommend affordable and highly secure hosting providers like RackSpace, Gmail Apps for Businesses, Microsoft 365, etc. These services are self-managed and come with excellent support, migration services and simple configuration.

Do you provide web hosting?

Yes, we do! Our web hosting plans are secure, fast, and come with ample space to host your site. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or get advice on a range of Web Hosting Plans that suits both your business and budget requirements.

Do you provide website content?

Website content is a key to capture, convert, and wow website visitors. Your website even gets a search engine boost if it offers highly relevant information to its users. Investment in original, high-quality content creation is essential for an online success.

For most businesses, we are able to provide content writing, banner creation, video production, and similar content production and marketing services that help fuel your online presence. Please contact us to get advice on our content writing packages and how to make our content work for you.

If you already have your website content and/or royalty-free images ready at your end, please send us an electronic copy of your text in MS Word or PDF format, while high-quality images in either .jpeg, .jpg or .png format.

What Support and Update am I entitled to?

Your support and update depends upon the plan that you buy from us. We offer FREE 30 Days, 90 Days or 1 Year bug fixing or technical support.

What happens to my website after the end of the Support and Update period?

Nothing to worry. Your website is built on WordPress and will remain simple, robust and powerful. Our training on WordPress CMS or User Manual will always be there to assist you.

If you think that your website is too large and dynamic that requires constant optimization, upgrades and updates due to ongoing website changes, addition of new pages, new content or banners, or simply if you think you don’t want to continue to manage your website on your own, please feel free to contact us and we will be able to create a custom Maintenance Plan for your website that suits your business and budget requirements.

Do you provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services?

Yes, we do! Get in touch with our experienced and highly professional SEO experts today. We can improve your search visibility, increase your website traffic by following Google’s best practices and online marketing techniques.

Do I need a SSL certificate/HTTPS for my website?

Yes, it is important to have a SSL certificate and your website should be setup to run on HTTPs secure connection. Even Googlefavours websites having secure HTTPS.

All our plans include a shared SSL certificate and your website is setup to run on HTTPs secure connection.

How can I make payment to websiteXpress?

You can buy any of our plans and pay online through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay us by online bank transfer.

Can I see visitor statistics for my site?

Yes, you can! We can integrate your Google Analytics account within the website. It will report number of visitors to your website.

Is there a bandwidth limit?

We operate a reasonable usage policy regarding bandwidth. The normal allowed bandwidth would be more than enough for most clients. However, please, don’t hesitate contacting us if you require additional bandwidth.

What exactly do forms do?

Forms allow your visitors to contact you through the website. They can get in touch with you regarding your products, services, website or to give any feedback or testimonials – whatever the reason. All your customer’s posts will be visible on your website back-office and you can take action accordingly, thus enabling a direct communication channel between you and your visitors.

Would my website be mobile friendly?

Yes. Your website is by default a responsive and mobile friendly solution. We test all websites we develop in all the major browsers, and various devices to ensure that your website is automatically condense and content is fit in whatever display it is being viewed.

Can websiteXpress design a logo for my business?

Yes – please contact us for further information such as cost and timeline to achieve your new brand identity.

Is SEO included in my website purchase?

Every website we develop comes with a base model of SEO (search engine optimization). This includes the task of building a search engine friendly website, meaning the technical requirements that are set forth by Google and Bing will be fulfilled within your website development.

Why is only basic SEO included in my website purchase?

SEO is something that needs to be consistently worked on to gain the trust of the search engines in order for them to reward your site with top rankings. Google and Bing pride themselves on offering their readers the best suited content based on the keywords entered. This commitment to their readers means we as website owners must persistently work at our SEO strategy and execution.

How do I know what SEO package to choose?

Picking out a suitable SEO package for your website is very similar to picking out your oil change package at the auto-garage. Based on the age, type and make of vehicle, different oil components may be required to keep your car running beautifully. The same goes for your website, depending on various criteria we can suggest an ongoing maintenance plan that is suited for your needs. Please contact us for full details.

What type of criteria is the SEO package based on?

Here is just a small list of the components we use to build a custom SEO package: competitive keyword research, URL structure, page titles and meta description, frequent content updates, content references (genuine and natural) made to your website by external credible sites and a competitive analysis of your competitors search engine strategy.

What is the cost of a SEO package?

Plans start at CAD180 per month and go upwards. Please contact us for full details.