Your Website needs a Redesign, and this is Why

06 Apr 2017 0 Comments
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Your website isn’t just an addition to your business, it’s a key part of everything you do. It’s how most of your customers first encounter you, and it has to act as an advert, branding hub, showroom, shop-floor and much else besides, all at once. That’s why ensuring that it’s been designed to the highest possible standards isn’t an expense, it’s an investment, and one which will pay for itself many times over. If your site hasn’t been re-designed lately, then this is why you need to do something about it:

You’re Not getting the Results You Hoped For

You may look at your website and think its perfect just as it is, but if it isn’t getting the results you need then it simply isn’t the online presence it should be. You need to sit down and analyse the figures driven by your website; the number of visitors it’s attracting, how many of those visitors turn into customers and the amount of income it pulls in. If you’re not reaching the numbers you want to reach, then your website needs a redesign.

Not Enough People are Visiting Your Site

Your site will need to be SEO optimised to feature high in search engine rankings. If it can’t be found by the people you need to sell to then, quite simply, it might as well not exist. The demands of search engines such as Google are constantly changing, however, so your site needs to be brought up to date to ensure it reaches the customers you’re seeking.

Your Site Can’t Keep pace with the Latest Technology

The online world is constantly shifting and changing. That means there are countless opportunities in the shape of new developments, innovative apps and ground-breaking ways of reaching your chosen markets. It also means, however, that if the technology underpinning your site is outdated then you’re unlikely to be able to take advantage of these innovations. Any effective redesign will be based around the latest developments and will bring your site right up to date.

Your Site Doesn’t Work Well on Mobile Devices

The point at which hand held devices overtook desktop PC’s as the access point for online activity has long since been passed. Consumers now take it for granted that the websites they visit will work smoothly and deliver all features when they’re accessed via a tablet or smartphone. If your site doesn’t do this then they’ll immediately swipe or click across to a competitor. A web redesign for mobile optimisation is a vital step for any modern business.

Not Enough Visitors are Becoming Customers

You may have worked hard on your SEO strategy and managed to place your site high up the search engine rankings. All the visitors in the world count for nothing, however, if they don’t follow through on their visit. A visitor who looks round and leaves without interacting is as worthless as no visitor at all. You want to attract the right kind of visitors and you want them to interact, fill in forms or, most importantly, make a purchase. A site which is badly designed will make this too difficult for them to do, and may not be attracting the right kind of visitors in the first place. A redesign will create a site which uses the right words and images to hit home with the right people.

The Site Doesn’t Reflect Your Branding Throughout

Your website has to project your branding clearly and quickly. Who you are, what you do and the ethos of your company should be there on every page, consistent and powerful. If your site has grown organically over a period of time then the message has probably become muddled and inconsistent. A redesign will pull everything together and make sure each section of the site speaks with the same voice.

Your Site Hasn’t Changed to Reflect the Changes in Your Business

Your business will evolve and change over the years, and if your website remains the same then it will no longer reflect who you are and what you offer. A key part of any redesign will be getting to know your business from the inside out, and then coming up with a design which truly captures who you are in the here and now.

You’ve Got Great Content, But it’s Hard to Find

‘Content is king’ is one of those clichés which has become a cliché because it happens to be true. Quality content which is useful and relevant will attract visitors and encourage them to interact and visit again. If you produce the content you need without redesigning your site, then visitors might not find it easy to search out the content they’re looking for. You may look at your current website and conclude that a redesign is a luxury you simply can’t afford. The truth of the matter, however, is that you can’t afford not to revamp your site on a regular basis. The money you spend doing so will generate a return on investment that can be easily measured and the key point to bear in mind is that your competitors will almost certainly be carrying out regular redesigns of their own. As soon as the work has been done you’ll see the changes begin to take effect, and the impact is easily measurable by gathering data on a few simple statistics:

Visitors to your site and page views
The conversion of visitors into customers
The boost provided to sales
A contemporary redesign will also enable you to gather data on how people are accessing your site, thus enabling you to further target and focus your offering. Put simply, it will offer the kind of boost to your business that you simply can’t afford to ignore. Contact us today and find out exactly how we could go about transforming your online presence.
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