SEO in Shopify to Boost Your Sales

We’ll drive traffic to your website which is high quality and targeted

SEO in Shopify

If your Shopify Store isn’t achieving the results you’re aiming for, our Shopify SEO experts can make things happen.

Shopify has been designed to meet SEO requirements in line with other ecommerce platforms. Analytics work extremely well with Shopify and plug-ins which improve social tracking and ecommerce can be applied. Our SEO techniques are completely ethical, which means that search engine rankings can be maintained.
SEO in Shopify

Why choose SEO Services for your Shopify Store?

  • Your Shopify Store can gain hugely from SEO services.
  • While you’re busy running your business, you probably can’t spare the time to optimise every product and category for search results.
  • Optimising just a single website for a huge number of keywords requires effort, resources marketing strategies and expertise.
  • Trying to optimise one website for thousands of keywords is hard work and requires resources, knowhow and strong online marketing strategies.

How we drive your Shopify Website up the rankings

As a Shopify SEO company, we have been working in the field for more than a decade and here are the techniques by which we will boost your website ranking and drive organic traffic direct to your shopify store:
Research Keywords

Research Keywords

We create a clear strategy for the SEO keywords we’re going to use, based on research into how users search on Google for your products and services

Optimisation On the Page

Optimisation On the Page

No matter how good the content is, it won’t make a difference unless your pages deliver technically. We make this happen using meta-tags, ALT tags, H tags and crawlability

Research Competitors

Research Competitors

Our bespoke and finely tuned software lets us aim your Shopify website at your direct competitors in terms of all SEO factors – we follow their successes and mistakes and learn from both

Analysis and Tracking

Analysis and Tracking

As well as using tracking software we manage and monitor your Google Analytics and write reports to deliver the goals identified and the wider business objectives

Strategies Content

Strategies Content

SEO works when you create engaging and high quality content that successfully meets the search queries of users. We develop plans which maximise the keyword of your content in several different ways

Feedback and Reporting

Feedback and Reporting

As well as analytical reports, we’ll send out regular email updates detailing your targets and objectives in relation to the wider SEO strategy


Why Come to WebsiteXpress


We’re a Shopify partner

As an official Shopify partner websiteXpress can be relied upon build the very best online shop. Our experts will be on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding Shopify

SEO Experience

Our SEO experts have been increasing traffic from search engines for years. We’ve partnered with brands of all sizes, and generated traffic and leads for all of them. We know all of the techniques needed to get you noticed online

Your Business matters to us

We work in partnership with clients to generate lead and beat the goals we set. We’re by your side every step of the way, ready to explain anything in your campaign that you’re wondering about

Why Clients Come To Us for Shopify SEO Services

Many clients use our services because they lack the resources to run SEO in-house. Our fully manage SEO service will meet all of your SEO demands. We offer the following fully managed Shopify SEO services:
  • Full audit of the website for Shopify SEO
  • Existing Shopify modules or custom development recommended in order to maximise SEO benefits
  • User navigation across your Shopify site optimised and tweaked to deliver a higher conversion rate
  • The cart and checkout process of your Shopify store optimised for maximum delivery
  • The abandoned cart process of your Shopify store modified to deliver optimum results
  • Social media utilised in a manner which boosts SEO and drives traffic to your Shopify site
  • The SEO strategy of your Shopify website delivered on an ongoing basis

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