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Hotel Website Features

The Features That Will Make You Stand Out From The Competition

Room Management

Room Management

Manage your rooms quickly and simply


Search Rooms

Allow visitors to find a room which perfectly meets their needs


Room Photographs

Upload images of your rooms to showcase your offer effectively



Add coupons to flag up the value of your hotel

Highlight Rooms

Pricing Plans

Accessible and flexible pricing structures

Pricing Plans


Create a relationship with your customers through an informative and entertaining newsletter


Additional Packages

Tailored packages to increase the value of your offer


Block Special Dates

Booking engine which allows specific dates to be blocked off


Room Reservation/Form Available on and off line

Flexible design allows to reserve rooms on or offline


Manage Reservations

Tools which make it easy to manage your reservations


Reservation Reports

Never lose track of reservations using accessible reservation reports

Discover our rooms
Payment Gateway Integration Integrated systems offer payment options which are secure and flexible
Gallery Use a picture to paint a thousand words, via floor plans and a gallery
360 Degree Gallery Tempt customers with a virtual tour of your hotel
Room Services Detail the services you offer in an accessible and appealing manner
Front Desk Front desk features allow visitors to feel they’ll always be supported
Event Calender Add value to your site by listing local events
Amenities and Facilities Detail your offer in a clear and attractive format
Currency Switcher Currency conversion rates will give prospective customers another reason to visit your site
Targeted Offers and Promotions Drive sales by targeting offers and promotions to the customer who’ll value them
Attractions and Local Insight Offer added value by detailing local attractions and amenities
Customer Can See Their Reservations Customers can see and track their own reservations
Perfect Design & Complete Website With Necessary Features From launch day onward, your site will have all the features you need
Guest Reviews and Rooms Ratings Utilise the power of word of mouth by publishing room ratings and guest reviews
Room Availability Your site makes it easy for visitors to find out if the room they need is available when they need it
Flexible Pricing Pricing options to suit every budget and type of business
Date Selection

Date Selection

The dates entered by guests will be saved, so they don’t have to be entered on the next visit



Google analytics allow you to monitor exactly how well your site is performing

Friendly Support

Friendly Support

Our team will guide you through the process offering friendly support every step of the way

Simple Content Management

Simple Content Management

Our Content management System (CMS) makes it easy for you to control and update your site



Every part of your site will be designed to be appealing to search engines, and drive you up the rankings



Our expert support team will guide you through the process of creating the forms your customers need

Rate Calender

Rate Calender

Calendar which gives an overview of the dates on offer and the best rates, encouraging direct booking

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

We design a website which looks stunning and works smoothly across all devices – from desktop and laptop to tablets and smartphones.

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