we understand how important donation is to a charity website
It’s about using a compelling voice and the stories it tells to persuade visitors to commit to the change you’re offering


Find out how to raise the money your charity needs
Securing the right funding can be a challenge for charities and other non-profit organisations. We make it possible with the following options:


Make Donating Simple

We make it easy for people to give to your charity by designing and placing a donate button that can’t be missed.


How Can People Help

We know from experience that people want to do more than simply donate – they want to get involved. The site we build for you will explain how anyone can get involved, by offering fundraising ideas and encouraging the use of social networking to spread your message.


Campaigns That Make A Difference

We get the message out there, telling the world just how much of a difference your charity is making to people’s lives.



Make sure your members, users, sponsors and volunteers stay informed with regular news of your organisations latest events, developments and key events.

A fundraising Goal

Celebrate Your Progress

A clear and easily read progress bar will transmit the reality of how effective your fundraising efforts have been


Turn your fundraising efforts into an on-line barometer of your charity work. Giving people a target to aim for will provide a focus for your efforts.

Get The Public Involved

Make it easy for members of the public who visit your site to become advocates for your charity, or members actively involved in making a difference

Control Of Spending

By detailing the impact you have and the change your charity is making, your website will make it easier to detail, monitor and control the way your charity spends its’ funding.

Inspire your customers to choose their destination for tour


Pack your site with stories and testimonials giving real world examples of the impact your charitable work is having

Make Sure Your Donors Know What Fantastic Work You’ll Do With The Money They Give

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for funding, volunteer help or any other kind of donation. It’s vital that you let people know exactly how much of a difference they’re making. We’ll make sure you spread the word, telling them how their money will be spent, how their time volunteering will make a difference and what you’ll do with any items they donate.

Giving Made Easy

You can put a ‘Donate’ button on every page of your site, making it quick and easy for visitors to give whenever the impulse strikes them.
By displaying options such as £5, £10 and £20 we make giving simple, and visitors to your site can also set their own amount and even opt for a regular recurring payment. Payment options such as PayPal, Stripe and SagePay smooth the process.

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