Tired of maintaining your website? Look at some optimum ways of keeping it updated

06 Jul 2017 0 Comments
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Life as a business in the 21st century can seem like a constant battle with time. Whether its juggling a heavy work load or ensuring key goals are met there’s just never enough time in the day. On top of this, the idea of constantly updating a website doesn’t exactly evoke feelings of jubilation, does it?

Owning a website does come with its responsibilities, regular maintenance can improve a sites performance significantly and can result in:

  1. More visitors meaning more eyes on you and your business.
  2. Keeping regular visitors happy with fresh, updated information and exciting news.
  3. Secure and reliable backed up schedule which would scare off any hacker.
  4. Fewer disgruntled users because your site is functioning smoothly

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you think, there are 6 simple and easy steps you can follow to keep your site ticking over and leave you with enough time in the day for everything else.


The existence of Hackers is a cruel reality us website owners must face. Sometimes, unknowingly infected, our sites are used to send spam to dark parts of the web. By setting up a monitoring service, it can regularly track any disturbances to the site such as infections or breaches of security. This prompt response ensures site errors can be fixed in a flash!

Backup your Site!

If updates are being made to your site, even if only occasionally, it is vital backups are done regularly. Your website host may be doing updates but you can never be too sure how regularly these are being done. It’s more likely than not for them to have an outdated version of your site. If problems occur with the server or your site gets hacked your newly edited site could be lost. By having an offsite backup, if a server issue materialises then there is a backup that won’t be affected.

Check your sites speed

Google favours fast loading sites it a fact. If you have a slow site it can portray your brand in a bad light which can lead to lower customer satisfaction and decrease your conversion rate, something critical to a business’ success. If you want your site running like a supercar then take two minutes to check your sites speed. Optimize your sites speed. The faster the site the better the result for your business.

Software Updates

Updating the software your site was built using prevents vulnerability whilst online. Using an outdated version of WordPress for example could put your site under threat. Our reasons for using WordPress include its numerous software updates, which continuously secure the software. Any plugins which are additionally installed should be updated for the same reasons. These will keep your site protected and you free to breathe.

Do the Maths

Yes, charts, stats and data analysis can be boring but luckily, we can get Google Analytics to do it all for us. This smart tool monitors the activity of your site, the user numbers as well as their experience on heir visit. We can set up Google analytics to make you aware of how your sight is performing and notify you to what can be improved. This is a valuable piece of tech for any business!

Content Updates

We feel updating the content on your site is important in demonstrating your interest in your users’ interests. Keeping your business current and updated can only reflect positively on you. Including blog posts, social media feeds or a news page are only some of the ways you could keep content lively. This would not only look great but impact your visibility on search engines. Keep the content relatable, relevant and current!

See, I told you it was easy

WebsiteXpress has an expert Maintenance and SEO team on hand whenever you need us. If you’d like assistance with anything web related give us a call on +34 93 509 34 35 or follow this link https://www.websitexpress.com/es/wordpress-support-and-maintenance-services/ for more maintenance options.

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